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SCP & CO’s approach to our managed funds is to create a robust ecosystem for deal sourcing, subject matter expertise and portfolio company support to generate outsized returns for our limited partners.

We refer to this as a “community approach” that involves bringing together accomplished executives and investment talent in our funds’ general partner and building meaningful relationships with key constituencies—our Limited Partners, our co-investors, our management teams and our extensive network of executive and subject matter experts to enhance our deal flow, deal selection and support for our management teams.

We believe this approach leads to outsized investment returns for our investors and a better experience for everyone involved.


Druid Ventures Fund 1

Druid Ventures is a closed-end venture capital fund that is currently investing in early-stage companies in the digital asset infrastructure and blockchain space. Investments include promising companies blockchain development tools businesses and security and authenticity products, services and protocols.

We support talented risk takers with an unquenchable mission to push what’s possible, backed by driven teams and adept advisors.  We’re a resilient community comprised of professional investors, entrepreneurs, developers, economists, cryptographers, cybersecurity professionals, and passionate evangelists for this industry.

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The Authenticity Fund

The SCP & CO Authenticity Fund is a closed-end investment fund that is currently in the process of launching its initial capital raise.

The Authenticity Fund is a $50 million fund created to capitalize on the imminent surge in demand for Authenticity technologies driven by the rapid advancement of AI and Automation Technology. The long-predicted maturation of AI and ML technologies, coupled with record-breaking levels of venture capital investments are putting incredibly powerful tools in the hands of bad actors; enterprises, organizations and sovereign nations will have no choice but to invest heavily in solutions to address these rapidly advancing threats.

We firmly believe that meeting the challenges created by advanced technologies necessitates innovative security solutions in the areas of identity, verification and provenance (Authenticity). It is expected that the majority of these solutions will leverage the same technologies that drive the challenges themselves, empowering individuals, companies, and governments to effectively combat combat the risks of AI and Advanced Automation Technologies.

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